The picturesque mysticism of Vesko Velev

"The picturesque mysticism" of Vesko Velev is titled the artist's representative exhibition, which is shown in the "Contrast" Gallery. There are about 40 works, acrylic on canvas, and a series of drawings, which the author shows for the first time. Different stories, different points of view, places that have inspired the artist in the last summer or season, but all are new visions for Vesko Velev's quests. Read more

Ruzha Marinska: The living senses of Vesko Velev

When I first saw his works some thirty years ago, I was captivated by their pristine creative impulse. Since then, Vesko's presence in the artistic life has been unobtrusive, yet unfailing.With his paintings Vesko Velev reveals our lands, but not by learned prescriptions, neither by juggling with our homeland decorative attributes. He simply is here and reacts on-the-spot to everything around with his humanized senses. His touch does not state textures but invokes thoughts and sounds. The paints – now bright, now flickering out in monochromacy – lead off to poetic orbits. The images grasp...

Irina Genova: The elements to create

The elements to create – from paints, wood, clay, canvas, pastels, papers, glass, metal, to build in forms spiritual intuitions and harmonies – the creative vitality of Vesko Velev leads us inevitably towards the reflection about the demiurgical beginning of the human being.Vesko Velev creates and shares his inmost creative religion in the shape of obviously and joyfully sensitive forms. He builds a chapel from stone in the garden near the studio, in order to bring into spiritual close-by colleagues and friends – in the epoch, called “new age”, but also epoch of the electronic media!Inspired...

Kalina Konstantinova: Living in a painting

“…a 200-year-old house in the village Dalbok Dol near the town of Troyan is a real challenge for the painter Vesko Velev who with a lot of love turns it into a unique piece of art.The initial idea for this house to be a gallery for his numerous works has chaged – the unusual building simply did not want to act as a mere background. As a living being it refused and seemed to suggest that could become much more. So gradually the idea for it to be converted into a habitable picture came up…”Author: Kalina Konstantinova

Nedyalko Slavov: Five statements about Vesko Velev

Vesko Velev is one of those artists who have the courage to live to the fullest. This means he is capable of enjoying his entire sensitivity by reaching up to the true knowledge and back which he attains by both his heart and mind. Because of this or despite it, Vesko Velev has the unique capability to reveal and develop nature’s astistic aspects by transforming ordinary objects and natural shapes into works of art.Vesko Velev is one of the few contemporary artists who do not fight with their self-expression involving in this exhausting battle everyone else. On the contrary, he creates effortlessly,...