Nedyalko Slavov: Five statements about Vesko Velev

Vesko Velev is one of those artists who have the courage to live to the fullest. This means he is capable of enjoying his entire sensitivity by reaching up to the true knowledge and back which he attains by both his heart and mind. Because of this or despite it, Vesko Velev has the unique capability to reveal and develop nature’s astistic aspects by transforming ordinary objects and natural shapes into works of art.

Vesko Velev is one of the few contemporary artists who do not fight with their self-expression involving in this exhausting battle everyone else. On the contrary, he creates effortlessly, just like a natural talent.

Vesko Velev is a stoic who is aware of his artistic mission. This mission drives the artist to become a filter for the dark side of the life which he retains for himself, reflecting only the light towards the people.

Vesko Velev is a fortunate man to be able to talk to the fruit trees in his garden, to his favourite dog, to his friends and to strangers, to predict the rain a day earlier, to capture snow’s affinity to purple hues, to detect the quality of red wine by the subtle scent of its color on the decanter, to recognize a crushed violin in an old lady’s silhouette, as well as a viola’s neck in a girl’s shoulders. In short, to turn the kaleidoscope of his imagination as he wishes and thus being aware or not of his bliss of a true artist, he makes us all a part of the felicity of being alive.

Autor: Nedyalko Slavov