Irina Genova: The elements to create

The elements to create – from paints, wood, clay, canvas, pastels, papers, glass, metal, to build in forms spiritual intuitions and harmonies – the creative vitality of Vesko Velev leads us inevitably towards the reflection about the demiurgical beginning of the human being.

Vesko Velev creates and shares his inmost creative religion in the shape of obviously and joyfully sensitive forms. He builds a chapel from stone in the garden near the studio, in order to bring into spiritual close-by colleagues and friends – in the epoch, called “new age”, but also epoch of the electronic media!

Inspired by the medieval orthodox mural painting and icon, by the stained glasses in the Gothic cathedrals, by the ancient Egyptian art, by the popular art or by the metamorphosis of the primitive forms in the West European modern art. The artist manifests a special flair for the material reincarnation of the spiritual, for the “soul” of the material, of the object, carrying traces of human presence.

In his creative trajectory succeed periods of interests towards different types of image’s structures – figurative and abstract, painting and object, as well as towards exchanges of the means and procedures. These different, changeable accents of interest make the dynamic rhythm of his creative work, carry the intrigue of each coming manifestation of the author.

Author: Irina Genova